Oh Hai!

By rye in : blog // Jul 28 2010

I have finally come out of the hole…

Ok, so most of you are probably thinking, OMG yes this means BLACHOLE is coming back, but you are completely wrong. For months I have been sitting on this domain and the content from the past debating what to do with it. Why BLACHOLE died is a whole other story that will never be discussed ever, so don’t ask. All I will say is that from the glory that was THE BLACHOLE, we died off just as every other child TV star in history has and I can’t say for sure if you will ever see it reappear again. Dave and I have had a number of discussion on bringing back The Blachole in its full flamed glory, but we will have to wait and see what happens.

Since The Blachole, digital media has changed on the internet and sites like YouTube and Facebook make it harder to get your content out there for viewing. People only seem to want to watch the guy kick his neighbor in the nuts or the fat kid lighting himself on fire. Dave and I put our hearts into this show and heck if we had kept it up, we might be millionaires right now thanks to YouTube or some other type of sponsorship. Quitting The Blachole was the dumbest decision Dave and I could have made, but that’s the past.

As of today, it has been over 4 years since we stopped making the episodes. Things have changed a lot, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the same interests as we used to. I restarted this site to start posting more about the random crap and tech things that I want to talk about that go on in the world and my life. I have also talked to Dave about this and we both do have an interest in bringing back some type of video podcast in the future even if it is not weekly. As for a date or time frame on this, its non-existent for now.

For now, enjoy the old podcast and picto blogs. I have posted the first 5 episodes of our old podcasts for your streaming pleasure. I will continue to upload 2-3 new episodes each week until I get them all up. Vimeo only allows me to upload 500MB a week, which is dumb and I don’t feel like upgrading to their plus plan. Enjoy the site because its only going to get better.

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