Is anyone out there?

By rye in : blog // Mar 28 2011

So I have been contemplating wether or not to use this site or one of my other domains to start a new blog to discuss things going on in the tech world and in my personal life. It has been so many years since we started blachole and I think our following has died out at this point. So the big question anyone out there who would care?

I still have people on a daily basis talk to me about the blachole show and I joke about bringing it back. To my amazement peoples faces always seem to light up at the idea of bring it back. With my busy schedule, planning a wedding and work I just don’t know if that is possible. There are so many shows out on the net now that it seems like it would be impossible to separate our show from the rest. There was always that big what if..what if we had continued the blachole back in 2005, what would be have become?

It’s now too late to even think about that idea, as it blows my mind to even think if it really would have become anything. Many people think it would have as we started the show before the YouTube boom in 2006. We could easily have become one of those big YouTube stars making ass loads of cash, but would it have been worth it? Based on the things that have happened to me since thing, I wouldn’t trade it for any of that. Spending the past 6 years finishing school and building my career, I don’t think I would have wanted a career making videos that would probably have only lasted for a few more years and then I would be stuck doing what?

I’m glad people never forgot about the blachole and what we accomplished. We put smiles on peoples faces, got the word out about the latest and greatest and had a good time doing it. Overall a success in my book and I sure won’t forget about it. So even though this long post might be pointless and a long rant, I think I made the determination that I will bring back this site and start posting more on here as long as I have the time. There are many things I want to share with the world and my opinion on different things going on in the tech world. I think this is just a new beginning. I hope someone is out there.

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