The Uncompletionist

By rye in : blog // Apr 11 2011


I know I might have just made up an entirely new word with my title of this blog post, but I don’t care. Once again going back in the past, I was reviewing older files I had backed up for years ago. One huge issue I noticed while going through all these files were how many projects I had started, but never completed. These projects would range from website designs to full on application programming. Now I could just pickup and finish any one of these projects, but what scared me the most was the what if potential of half of the good ideas I had at the time.

By no means am I saying I should have been the Mark Zuckelberg of today, but I had a lot of bright ideas for things in the technology world. Many of the ideas if I had followed through or even patented them, I’d be very rich. The way the technology world booms, its hard to keep up and with many of my past projects, it’s too late to continue them as someone has now beat me to the ideas publicly.

I think it’s funny the things that I had once thought of, but whats hard to figure out now is why did I stop. Why did I stop a project mid-development and never pick it back up. Did I think it was unfeasible, that no one would have an interest or did I just reach my peak in understanding the topic? At the time I got into technology, now well over 10 years ago, I think there was just so many things going on, so I was constantly bouncing from one thing to another. That bouncing though has made my skill sets what the are today and I have to say it got me to a great place. If I could go back though and kick myself into just sticking with that one great idea, things might be different. Many of the ideas and things I was involved in included friends, most I still keep in touch with to this day. If I were to go and ping each one of the people involved in some of these projects, it would probably blow their mind and many would be sadden by the thought of what if.

Still to this day my best friend and I know that all it takes is that one great idea to make it big. He still to this day calls me as soon as he thinks he has one of those ideas. Many of those times I feel bad shooting down the fact that the idea already exists, but I know one of these days it will be different. Thinking of the next great thing is never planned, it just happens and when it does you need to be ready to fulfill that idea. I still to this day have those ideas, but with my busy schedule and other priorities I left some of them pass by, but not before documenting them very clearly. Also don’t ask, because I will not be sharing any of the old idea’s and projects, at least for now.

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