The Pet Store

By rye in : picto blog // Jul 12 2010

Originally Posted: April 6th, 2005

Today I decided to goto the pet store to see the kittens…

But the store was closed! WHY!?!? This made me super sad. I almost cried.

I started banging on the glass looking for the manager of the store. All I wanted to to was see the kitties!

I saw a MAC sign. It’s good cause I have a MAC card. I was happy.

I wanted to see the kitties soooo bad I thought about breaking into the store, but I changed my mind when I had the old lady behind me read me this sign. She said it was bad.

30 minutes later I noticed a sign on the door. It was about KITTIES!!! I was so happy.

After an hour and a half, and the manager of the supermarket asking that I remove my face from the window of the pet store I was getting hungry. I thought about getting SubWay, but a little asian girl threw up as I was standing there. I lost my appetite.

I decided to leave.

But then I saw a neat toy to play with.

I noticed the store got this really cool new video game.

I tried to play, but it was in some Japanese and said something about putting money in.

Then it asked me to insert money to get more money. Then I realized I didn’t have any money to insert. I looked under the machine and I found a skittle and a Canadian nickel.

I lost the game.

After freaking out at the video game the manager asked me to leave.

Then I saw this hot blonde chic and it made me hungry. Then I saw a sweaty black man and I wasn’t hungry.

You put the lime in the coke, you nut….great song. The manager didn’t like my singing.

I was now being forced out of the store. The manager was a strong man.

I waved good-bye. What a fun visit to the pet store.

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