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Originally Posted: April 13th, 2005

This is my dog Tootsie. We are best of friends. She likes to pretend she’s a snake :)

We love to play with the tennis ball. It smells like rubber and slobber.

She doesn’t share, she’s such a bitch.

We decided to go for a walk.

After walking around the block twice…I knew I was forgetting something…

TOOTSIE! I can’t believe I forgot you.

Jizabel lives next door. I asked my neighbor if he wanted me to walk her as well. Then I remember she died of bulimia last week. I made him cry. Then Tootsie cried. I laughed.

We visted Jizabel’s grave. Tootsie pissed on it, so I pissed on it too. Then my neighbor started running with his shovel. I waved back.

When we got to the park we played hide-n-go-seek. (She can’t even see me..hehe)

Then she found me and pissed on the tree. She’s so silly.

We then decided to sit by the creek and watch the frogs.

Then Tootsie jumped in to catch one…but it got away.

Then she pooped…

…and I steped in it. It doesn’t smell like chocolate…


ahhh I got stuck on a stick..I almost cried!

Then we saw this cool hole. I told her there was a hot boy doggy in there. She looked in and then bit me in the leg because it was a supper funny joke!

We saw a school bus. I waved to the kids and then I noticed they weren’t actually waving back, but giving me the finger. I guess they’re jealous I was having a super cool time in the park with Tootsie…little pricks.

After the bus incident I was upset and wanted to go home. Tootsie sat at the back door because SHE CAN’T OPEN THE DOOR! I just opened it for her. Ohh..what fun.

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