The Mall Visit

By rye in : picto blog // Jul 12 2010

Originally Posted: April 20th, 2005

Me and the girls went to the mall to go SHOPPING!?! I <3 THE MALL.

Our first stop was to the candy store! I tasted the keylime pie. It wasn’t very yummy.

Then I tried the rum spice. It didn’t taste good either, but OMG I was so drunk after that. The girls had to help me walk.

We saw a horsey tail. It was sooo fun. I tired to pull on it, but the horse got mad.

I tried to pay for my rum spice, but the person said I was not “special” enough to pay here. My mommy always said I was special, but I guess I’m not special enough…

Being drunk off the rum spice and looking as this didn’t go so well. I threw up over the balcony and it landed on a “special person”…whoes special now bitch?

I saw these holes in these girls pants. I tried to sew the holes with my pocket sewing kit, but they didn’t like it…the security guard didn’t like it either. He called me a sewing faggot. :(

I saw this really cool bridge and I started taking pictures of it until the mexican lade came over and told me it was fake and I was a “faggot estúpido de la costura”…

We saw Paris…I knew yelling her name out the car windows as we passed the Hilton hotel would work! She’s so hot.

A banana Hummer…amazing. I can die now.

We went to the apple store, but there were no apples…whyyyyy!? I love apples. I asked the employee where they were hiding them, but he told me no apples. I knew that bastard was lying…

After ripping the Apple store apart looking for the apples, I was escorted out of the mall by security. They took my name and phone number down. I wonder if they wanna go on a lunch date? What a fun trip with my girls. :D

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