Dollar Land

By rye in : picto blog // Jul 12 2010

Originally Posted: June 16th, 2005

Today my buddy Dave and I visited the wonderful store chain of the Dollar Store.

On the way there we chewed lots and lots of gum..because that’s the cool thing to do!

THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD HAPPENED! A Hispanic women threw gum at us and it landed on the bottom Dave’s RAINBOWS! WHYYYYYY!

They sell Asian farts in a can for a dollar. I told him not to let it out, but he Ripped it…he doesn’t listen sometimes..

We saw the hulk. I don’t see how he can poop with out all his poopy organs? I laughed…

until I saw Batman! He’s so cool and you can tear him out 144 times! How fucking cool is that.

Now I know why we have no soldiers. They are all sitting on store shelves hiding. Those pussies.

My mommy said lighter’s aren’t toys. SHE FUCKING LIED!

I found CoCo Roooos…betcha I CAN taste the difference you fuckers. The only thing I enjoyed was the blue kangaroo doing the robot in the lower left hand corner. sooo hot.

I found some cool yellow condoms for Rudy. For a buck he better be happy. Like I always say..”Don’t be a ninny, wrap your jimmy!”

Dave thought it would be cool to dust out some old brushes.

Then he thought he could be an old dusty man by brushing his hair with them.

Clown terds. They use to be sooo yummy, but now I know better then to buy a product with a scary clown on the bag or any other freaky character on it…I had a bad experience once with the guy on the fish sticks box.

Dave always brags about getting HOT ASS…well lay your fingers on these HOT BUNS Dave… that was GAY!

Dave found cream pies in a box.

Dave was so happy because he looooves cream pies. He told the girl behind him he would love to give her a cream pie!

She gladly accepted, but I don’t think she knew how much Dave loved them or what kind of cream pie Dave was willing to offer…

Dave ran away…the girl got mad once Dave wiped out his…you get where this is going…

I found RAIN-BLO. This is the ultimate sex bubble gum. I don’t understand why Dollar stores scream sex left and right down every isle…

Dave and I bought some good stuff. The cashier was upset because he didn’t know how much the creampie’s were…Dave violent shook him yelling ONE DOLLLLAARRR!

Dave and I bought some RAIN-BLO and creampies. How does that not scream sex? Well that was a super fun trip to the dollar store. Now I know where to go for a good time.

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