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The Blachole was a mixture of random crap, tech talk, tech tips, Google video reviews and much much more..until it was canceled in 2006. The Blachole podcast boomed in the early days of podcasting to become one of the most downloaded video podcasts on Apple iTunes. Before the time of YouTube, Dave and Rye set the bar for vloging and video podcasting. Talk of bringing the show back has been in the works for years, but nothing has gotten off the ground just yet. Below are all of the old podcasts in their entirety and shitty quality for your enjoyment.

About The Blachole was registered in 2001 by Ryan and was put into hibernation for a few months, until Ryan was able to get some free time to develope a small site. That site then went to crap where the domain went back into hibernation for a few more months. It was then Ryan developed a small hosting company on the domain and was hosting a few of his friends from his old network (TnT).

It wasn’t until 2003 that Ryan brought the site out of true hibernation and developed another site. This site was mostly like his old one,, where he put random flash files and other useful applications on it. After a few versions and dumb lawsuits with that lifespan of the site, the site once again went into hibernation.

In 2004, the site was one again brought out of the dark and turned into what it is today. Ryan started the site back up with his buddy Dave, where they both started on it. For almost a year, the radio station boomed to over 1000 listeners and is what it is today. After a busy period in the Fall of 2005, Ryan and Dave took a break, but now have brought the site back and better then ever. The site now has a video podcast and now relaunched to version 3 in Winter 2006.