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Picto Blogs

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Picto Blogs

THE PICTO BLOG was a part of the site that has branched off of an old site These are my adventures as how I see them through my daily life. Each day I carry my phone or camera with me and take snap shots. At the end of each day, I post my photos for people to see and a short story that goes along with the photo. I call these my daily adventures.

I write these stories for fun. In no way am I racist or vulgar in real life. I am no different then any other comedian out there who likes to make minor jokes regarding their daily lives. I write these stories out of the actual events that go through my head when I snap each photo. If you don’t like what you’re reading, then close the page and never come back. This site is for fun and a way for me to vent each day as I go on living on this more then interesting planet. If you do like what you read, then leave a comment or 2, hey you could even shoot me an email and maybe, just maybe I will respond. Welcome to my life.